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How to ask unexpected questions during an interview

  How to ask unexpected questions during an interview and how to prepare for questions candidates may have. Asking unexpected questions in an interview will allow organisations to get a better sense of what candidates sound like when they aren’t rehearsed. Meaning, interviewers should ask candidates something they probably haven’t prepared for in order to [...]

Help your candidates perform at their best during their interview

  Help your candidates perform at their best during their interview - It’s important to ensure that you, as well as your candidates, get the most out of every interview. In this blog we’ll explore the ways in which you can help your candidates perform at their best during their interview.   All hiring managers [...]

Growth Potential

Growth Potential - People who are capable of motivating themselves to improve their knowledge and understanding, so they can develop their role. Career advancements are at the top of a candidate’s priority list. Hiring someone with growth potential means that your new employee will develop the role and make it their own. Employers can often [...]


Leadership - Someone who takes on the role of a leader, inspiring and leading teams to meet deadlines and goals. A recent study shows that organisations with strong leadership are 13x more likely to outperform their competitors.1 Leaders possess the ability to inspire and motivate others, driving teams to success. Other the other hand, poor [...]

How can employers fill the gaps left by employees needing to self-isolate?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a fast-moving situation. As the total number of confirmed cases within the UK continues to decrease, the government have begun rebuilding our economy by easing the lockdown restrictions and allowing local shops, pubs and restaurants to open their doors to the public once again. In line with the developed Coronavirus guidelines, […]


Collaboration - The capability of working within a team in order to complete a task or achieve a goal. Job roles which require teamwork are found within most organisations and strong collaboration skills can have a huge impact. Collaboration can help improve overall productivity, morale and order. A recent study from Harvard Business also suggests [...]

Top 5 interview questions to screen for Prioritisation

Prioritisation – Carrying out the process of deciding which tasks are of biggest priority in accordance to importance or urgency. When hiring for a new position it’s important to look for candidates who can manage their time effectively and pay close attention to detail, ensuring nothing is missed. Candidates who possess prioritisation skills will have […]

Culture Adds

Culture Adds – People who inject diversity into an organisation positively contributing to a organisations culture. Culture adds have the potential to positively impact your organisation. Studies show that companies with inclusive talent practices generate up to 30%1 higher revenue per employee. Like any employee, culture adds should align with your company’s core values and […]


Adaptability – The ability to change to accommodate different conditions. This soft skill is necessary in an ever-changing work environment. LinkedIn recently carried out a survey to reveal the key soft skills professionals look for in candidates, this survey identified that 69%1 of managers say the most important soft skill they screen for is adaptability. […]

What are the top soft skills employers value?

What are soft skills and which ones do employers value the most? Look out for our upcoming series of blogs focusing on each soft skill. 

What are behavioural interview questions and why do they matter?

Behavioural interview questions are queries which require candidates to share specific experiences where they had to use a certain skill. A candidate’s answer should give evidence as to how they dealt with a previous issue, demonstrating potential performance and capabilities. Employers will ask behavioural questions in order to observe which candidates are likely to excel […]

How taking pride in your employees can benefit your future recruitment drive

We all know the feeling when an employer or colleague goes out of their way to recognise and appreciate our hard work and effort. But how often do we take the time to celebrate employees’ successes and hard work? The answer for most organisations is not enough. Taking pride in your employees, with frequent and […]

Future Workforce Habits

Positive things can emerge from times of crisis. Has this crisis changed the habits of the future workforce and have those habits shifted for the better? Click here to download a copy of the ‘Future Workforce Habits’ 

Assessing attention to detail in future employees

Attention to detail is one of the most in demand qualities in job adverts, regardless of industry or sector. Why is attention to detail so important? For employers, attention to detail is ranked very highly in terms of importance. Employees who demonstrate attention to detail often produce high quality work and mistakes are usually spotted […]

How remote working and flexible hours can attract a different talent pool of candidates

Most business leaders understand that recruiting and retaining the right staff is paramount to the success of an organisation. At Absolute Personnel, we see more and more companies recognising that flexibility is key when attracting potential employees and since 2017, there has been a significant shift in the number of employers promoting flexible working in […]

Recruit for Innovation

How do you drive a vision of innovation throughout your business? Innovation will play a considerable role in your business plan and long-term strategy. It’s a fundamental key to success, as are your employees. Building a culture of innovation within your business requires great people. Investing in the future and your team is imperative in […]

How to manage your team remotely

Are you facing the new challenge of managing a team remotely? The outbreak of COVID19 has caused chaos and confusion across the globe. The UK continues to be in a state of lockdown with the majority of businesses either declaring temporary closure or remote working for staff. All businesses are facing drastic changes in the […]

Fruit picking and farming recruitment crisis

For the past couple of weeks the UK has seen a glimpse of the luscious summer weather starting to emerge. This warmer weather signifies the start of picking season, as sweet and satisfying British grown fruits usually begin to fill the supermarket shelves. However, the difficult and challenging times we’re currently facing, due to the […]

How will the Coronavirus affect the recruitment industry?

The coronavirus continues to spread across the UK, causing chaos and confusion to families, communities, businesses and employment. How is the Coronavirus impacting the recruitment industry? For many organisations, the global pandemic has brought recruiting new talent to a halt. The UK lockdown has been extended for a minimum of three additional weeks and with […]

How to attract employees who fit with your brand values

Hiring candidates who fully understand and resonate with your company values will help reinforce the organisations mission and vision. It will also assist in developing a strong and talented team of individuals who will contributed to your overall business objectives. Many organisations could be missing quality candidates who resonate with the company’s values, if the […]

How to enable an effective team to grow in your business

At Absolute Personnel we understand the importance of building a strong and effective team of individuals who are dedicated to the expansion of your business and brand. Organisations can never spend enough time, energy and resource on finding the perfect candidate who will move teams to the next level. Here are our five top tips […]

Recruiting the talent of tomorrow

Discussion around our economy’s future workforce has increased in recent years, as the tail end of the Millennial generation joins the workforce, and the start of Generation Z begins to integrate with the working world. As baby boomers begin to plan their retirement and Generation X sit at the top of the hierarchy, a combination […]

How to conduct effective video or virtual interviews

Conducting video interviews has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Recent events have led to the majority of businesses migrating to remote working, meaning that video interviews are increasingly necessary and more convenient. Video interviews also allow organisations to extend their talent search and interact with candidates. Here are our tops tips [...]

Employee Appreciation-Why Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We all know that feeling, one of your best employees hands in their notice out of the blue and you’re struggling to find that perfect new employee. So, how do you improve employee retention and capture the correct candidates? A big part of this is understating why employees leave and why your job advertisement isn’t […]

Does paying your employees to volunteer in the local community really pay off?

Volunteer Time off (VTO) is an employee perk that has gained momentum since taking off in 2018 and doesn’t look to be tailing off any time soon but, according to research conducted by employee experience organisation Perkbox, more than 63% of UK employees do not receive any paid days off to do volunteering work*.  This […]

Creating the perfect team to drive innovation

How do you drive a vision of innovation throughout your business? Innovation will play a considerable role in your business plan and long-term strategy. It’s a fundamental key to success, as are your employees. Building a culture of innovation within your business requires great people. Investing in the future and your team is imperative in […]

Keeping your workforce fighting fit

How to prepare your organisation for a global health emergency The spread of the Coronavirus has sparked alarm not just in the UK, but Worldwide. As confirmed cases of Coronavirus continue to rise, the World Health Organisation has declared a global health emergency. Many will agree that we are entering unknown territory with the spread […]