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Collaboration The capability of working within a team in order to complete a task or achieve a goal.

Job roles which require teamwork are found within most organisations and strong collaboration skills can have a huge impact. Collaboration can help improve overall productivity, morale and order. A recent study from Harvard Business also suggests that 50% of great collaborators also tend to be top performers.

When hiring for a role which requires effective teamwork, screening candidates for collaboration can help you find someone who will work well with others and drive their colleagues towards greater success. Failure to hire someone who doesn’t possess collaboration skills could create roadblocks for colleagues.

 The Top 5 interview questions to screen for collaboration:

  1. Describe the best supervisor or partner you’ve worked with and what part of their management style appealed to you?
    • Understand the candidates working style and what type of personalities they work best with.
  1. Can you share your favourite experiences working with a team? What contributions did you make?
    • This question gives candidates the opportunity to express their energy and motivation via teamwork.
  1. Tell me about an experience where a project dramatically shifted direction at the last minute.
    • Does the candidate focus on keeping the team aligned and are they comfortable with asking for additional help?
  1. Have you ever had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with? How did you handle this situation?
    • A willingness to try and see things from a colleague’s perspective. Do they find the cause of tension and find ways to improve the relationship?
  1. Describe a time when you were communicating with someone and they didn’t understand you. What did you do?
    • This question will highlight whether the candidate possesses patience. Great collaborators will take the time the make sure they’re understood and adjust their working style to align with others.

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