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Growth Potential People who are capable of motivating themselves to improve their knowledge and understanding, so they can develop their role.

Career advancements are at the top of a candidate’s priority list. Hiring someone with growth potential means that your new employee will develop the role and make it their own.

Employers can often be tempted to find candidates who have the same level of experience and knowledge as their current team members. However, hiring someone who will grow into the role will help earn their loyalty, therefore reducing your staff turnover. The cost of replacing an employee is about 1.5x their salary.

 The Top 5 interview questions to screen for growth potential:

  1. Tell me about the biggest career goal you’ve achieved.
    • This question gives candidates to opportunity to express their motivations and drive. They should take pride in their achievements.
  1. Describe a time when a problem occurred but your manager was unavailable.
    What did you do?
    • Did the candidate use their initiative and explore options before making a final decision?
  1. What would motivate you to make a move from your current role?
    • The candidates should signal that they are more invested in growth opportunities and interested in being challenged.
  1. Do you often ask for direct feedback? If so, why?
    • Do they ask for feedback regularly? This is an indication that the candidate is interested in self-improvement.
  1. Have you ever volunteered to grow your knowledge, as opposed to being directed to do so?
    • The candidate should express an eagerness to learn and expand their knowledge. Do they seek out new opportunities?

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