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Leadership Someone who takes on the role of a leader, inspiring and leading teams to meet deadlines and goals.

A recent study shows that organisations with strong leadership are 13x more likely to outperform their competitors.1 Leaders possess the ability to inspire and motivate others, driving teams to success.

Other the other hand, poor leaders can demotivate staff and drive employees to quit. Therefore, regardless of seniority level, employers should always consider a candidate’s leaderships skills, you could be hiring the organisations future CEO without realising!

 The Top 5 interview questions to screen for leadership:

  1. When have you led by example in the past? What did you do?
    • Understand how their behaviour impacts others. Are they an inspiration to their team?
  1. What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last six months?
    • Do they take careful consideration of outcomes? Great leaders will seek advice when needed.
  1. Describe a time when something didn’t go according to plan. What was your role in the situation and what was the outcome?
    • The candidate should express thoughtful reflection and have a strong sense of ownership.
  1. Have you ever had to ‘sell’ an idea to your team and how did it go?
    • Great leaders should listen to the concerns of their co-workers, with the goal of making sure everyone is comfortable with the plan.
  1. Have you ever had to persuade someone to see something your way? What steps did you take?
    • Candidates who possess leadership skills will have established creditability and will use evidence to reinforce their viewpoint.

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  1. Development Dimensions International, Global Leadership Forecast 2011
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