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How to hunt for jobs during the Coronavirus lock down

The Coronavirus has caused devastating corruption across the globe, with most countries declaring a state of lock down.

The UK government have recently announced that the UK lock down will continue, meaning schools, businesses and communities must remain closed for a minimum of three additional weeks.

The severity and impact of this outbreak has forced some organisations to make redundancies, or where possible furlough staff members, increasing the number of job seekers during these difficult and uncertain times.

Absolute Personnel have created five simple steps to help you strengthen your job search during lock down.

  1. Continue applying for jobs

We recommend continuing your job search as usual. Take this opportunity to update and polish your CV, cover letter and applications. Even though some businesses may have chosen to freeze any hiring temporarily, they may need to still fill that job position when their organisation resumes some sense of normality.

  1. Keep in contact with your recruiter

Here at Absolute Personnel, our staff are working normal office hours remotely. Whether you’re looking for a permanent job or temporary contract role, get in touch with our recruiters who will be more than willing to set up a phone call or video chat to discuss your next career steps. Call us today on 01743 461 239.

  1. Build your network and engage with people

The virus outbreak has forced the majority of businesses to migrate work forces to remote working, allowing business to continue running whilst staff are safely working from home. Due to remote working, engagement in online communities has increased. Now is the best time to build upon your network and engage with connections by joining in on discussions and sharing content.

  1. Be open-minded and flexible

Some industries, although operating slightly differently, remain consistent, so consequently, businesses within these industries may continue to recruit albeit on a temporary basis. Showing an open mind and taking on a new challenge may result in you discovering a set of strengths and skills you did not realise you had. Consider which factors you’re willing to compromise on and pass this information on to your recruiter to ensure you aren’t passed up for an opportunity.

  1. Prepare for a virtual interview

Video interviews have replaced face to face interviews, but they should be treated the same. Ensure you’re prepared, as you would any other job interview, dress professionally and be ready five minutes ahead of the interview. It’s important that you check your camera, audio and background are set correctly ahead of time in order to minimise the risk of a technical error during the interview.

Whether you’re continuing a job search, or recently began looking for your next opportunity, job seekers now face a new challenge during these times of uncertainty.

For more information on what your next steps might look like, contact the Absolute Personnel team on 01743 461 239 or email info@absolutepersonnel.co.uk.

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