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Top 5 Interview Questions to Screen for Prioritisation Skills

When hiring for a new position, it’s important to look for candidates who can manage their time effectively and pay close attention to detail, ensuring nothing is missed.

Candidates who possess prioritisation skills will have mastered the ability to juggle key tasks.

This particular soft skill is increasingly important in roles that have strict deadlines and tight project timelines. Employees who can prioritise successfully are more likely to reach project milestones in a timely manner and meet project due dates. Studies show that the ability to organise and prioritise work is ranked as the third most desirable quality in a new hire.

The top 5 interview questions to screen for prioritisation skills

Describe a project that you recently planned. How did you organise and schedule the tasks?

This question gives the candidate the opportunity to describe the way in which they have planned a recent project and how the project was driven in order to meet deadlines.

The candidate should demonstrate specific things they did to help organise the project – what did they do and why did they do it? Good candidates will be able to talk you through the outcomes of the project, too. 

Have you ever felt stressed or overwhelmed and how did you handle this situation?

This question helps establish whether planning and prioritisation helps the candidate to remain calm when in a stressful situation.

It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed at work, but how we handle things speaks volumes about our character. 

People who are able to prioritise their work often handle work stresses significantly better. 

Describe a time when you’ve had to juggle several projects at once. How did you organise your time?

The candidate should demonstrate a proactive process for organising their time (e.g. creating a to-do list and confirming deadlines).

If they can’t talk you through how they organise their time, then chances are they don’t yet have a process for organising their work!

Tell me how you determine how much time should be allocated for a task.

The candidate should think carefully about the amount of time they’re spending on a task.

Individuals that properly prioritise their work should know how much time a task will take them. There, of course, should always be leeway, and good candidates will be candid with the fact that task length can vary. 

Have you ever delegated an important task successfully?

Does the candidate show an understanding of how to delegate a task successfully? Candidates who possess good prioritisation skills should ensure their colleagues clearly understand the projects expectations and deadlines.

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