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How taking pride in your employees can benefit your future recruitment drive

We all know the feeling when an employer or colleague goes out of their way to recognise and appreciate our hard work and effort. But how often do we take the time to celebrate employees’ successes and hard work? The answer for most organisations is not enough.

Taking pride in your employees, with frequent and honest appreciation, is important in the workplace. Demonstrating employee recognition helps boost morale and drive engagement, which in turn increases productivity. It also gives employees confirmation that they are making a meaningful contribution to the business’s success. Building a business culture of appreciation and employee pride can not only be effective internally by improving employee retention but is also an intelligent business move regarding recruitment.

In a competitive market, it’s important to create a culture job seekers want to be part of. Company culture has become increasingly important for candidates when they’re assessing an organisation. Today’s modern job seekers are searching for more than a job which is going to pay their bills, they are looking for an organisation who displays employee appreciation and motivation as part of their positive company culture. Developing your employer brand and displaying employee pride on public platforms will help attract quality candidates who resonate with your brand values, consequently increasing your recruitment drive.

Employee retention and job satisfaction should be very high on every businesses list of priorities. Building a strong employer brand will not only help decrease staff turnover, but with the help of Absolute Personnel, will also attract the correct candidates which are the perfect match for your organisation.

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