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How to conduct effective video or virtual interviews

Conducting video interviews has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years.

Recent events have led to the majority of businesses migrating to remote working, meaning that video interviews are increasingly necessary and more convenient. Video interviews also allow organisations to extend their talent search and interact with candidates.

Here are our tops tips for how to conduct a video interview which are sure to impress your candidates and potential employees.

  1. Environment

You need to ensure there’s nothing in the room which is going to distract you or your candidate. Select a quiet and well-lit location which creates a representational impression of your business. Make sure that others are informed that a video interview is taking place, allowing people to be mindful of the interview as they pass the dedicated interview room.

  1. Technology

Before the interview, test your technology and identify if any adjustments need to be made. Test your camera and microphone to ensure you can be seen and heard clearly by candidates. We would suggest avoiding the use of a tablet or mobile, laptops as computers have more capabilities.

  1. Plan B

Often with technology, unexpected issues may occur. Therefore, create a backup plan such as having the candidates phone number to hand should you need to call them.

  1. Background noise

Make sure you eliminate any background noise such as conversations or ringing phones. Also, close any applications that may produce a noise alert whilst the interview is being carried out.

  1. Engage

Remain engaged throughout the duration of the interview. Refrain from moving or shifting your body weight as this may be distracting for the candidate.

  1. Preparation is key

Gather everything you need before the interview starts to be fully prepared. You may wish to have the job description and their CV to hand should you need to refer to something during the interview.

  1. Questions

It’s important to have specific questions when conducting any candidate interview. These questions will help you determine whether or not this candidate is the best fit for the job position. Prepare your questions before the video interview. 

There are many benefits to video interviewing which can assist you in selecting the best candidate for your available job. The key to a successful video interview is preparation, setting up and testing your video interview will allow you to get the most out of the interviewing process.

For any further recruitment enquiries please contact the Absolute Personnel team on 01743 461 239 or email info@absolutepersonnel.co.uk.

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