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Employee Appreciation – Why Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We all know that feeling, one of your best employees hands in their notice out of the blue and you’re struggling to find that perfect new employee.

So, how do you improve employee retention and capture the correct candidates?

A big part of this is understating why employees leave and why your job advertisement isn’t attracting appropriate candidates. You’ll often find that today’s workforce is motivated by praise, appreciation and whether the work is meaningful much more than by money or status.

We’re all familiar with the phrase, actions speak louder than words. Most organisations mention the importance of employee appreciation within the content of their website, however actively showing employees that you respect and care in a genuine way is what is truly valued by a team.

It’s easy for companies to say they value their employees, but what does it take for companies to really show it?

At Absolute Personnel we understand the importance of building a strong employer brand, as well as which factors of a job position motivate and impress candidates.

  • Effective communication
    • Employees and candidates favour an honest and open work environment. Effective communication helps to build a positive company culture and trust within the team.
  • A good work-life balance
    • It’s important to consider employees well-being to encourage a healthy work-life balance. Larger organisations may be able to offer benefits such as health/eye checks but encouraging staff to take full lunch breaks and leave the office at a reasonable time will help employees to de-stress.
  • Praise and reward
    • Recognising hard work and showing staff that you appreciate their efforts is crucial to attract the correct candidates and improve staff retention.

Employee retention and job satisfaction should be very high on every businesses list of priorities. Building a strong employer brand will not only help decrease staff turnover, but with the help of Absolute Personnel, will also attract the correct candidates which are the perfect match for your organisation.

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