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How to attract employees who fit with your brand values

Hiring candidates who fully understand and resonate with your company values will help reinforce the organisations mission and vision.

It will also assist in developing a strong and talented team of individuals who will contributed to your overall business objectives.

Many organisations could be missing quality candidates who resonate with the company’s values, if the promotion of their brand ethos isn’t present or effective. Create a clear picture of your brands culture will not only attract the right candidates, but it will also help retain employees.

Here are Absolute Personnel’s three top tips for promoting your brand values to attract quality candidates:

Promotion of your values

During the recruitment process, if you promote the values that formulate your company culture in your job advertisement and description, then you’re more likely to attract like-minded individuals who share the same values. By clearly describing your brand ethos, not only will you differentiate the organisation from competitors, but you’ll also be promoting your company as a tremendous place to work. It’s important to ensure you create a clear brand message which is targeted at candidates who possess the required skill set and values, which will allow them to carry out the job role effectively.  

Make your values visible

Not only is it important to incorporate your brand values into the recruitment process, but it’s also vital that these values are displayed on public domains. Candidates will often turn to company websites and social media platforms when researching for job opportunities. Therefore, explaining your brand ethos on your company website will give candidates better insights to your organisation. Ensure your culture, values and vision are clearly displayed throughout the website. This should also help you gain better quality candidates as job seekers will become more motivated to apply for a position when they feel they connect well with the brand values.

Team values

Your brand values must run through the entire organisation, all employees must be convinced of the company’s values and vision. Teams who believe in your company values will be motivated to share and broadcast this ethos to potential future employees, who will be considering jobs based on vision and values.

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