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Culture Adds

Culture Adds – People who inject diversity into an organisation positively contributing to a organisations culture.

Culture adds have the potential to positively impact your organisation. Studies show that companies with inclusive talent practices generate up to 30%1 higher revenue per employee.

Like any employee, culture adds should align with your company’s core values and mission. However, this doesn’t mean that the perfect candidate for the job has to be exactly like everyone else. Many organisations have now stopped screening candidates for ‘culture fit’. Instead they’re deciding whether or not the candidate in question is a ‘culture add’. In other words, does this candidate resonate with the existing company culture and are they going to help grow and evolve the culture?

 The Top 5 interview questions to screen for culture add:

  1. Why would you choose our company and not others?
    • Listen for an honest answer. An honest answer will tell you what the candidate is really thinking, not what they think you want to hear.
  2. Have your co-workers ever had a misconception about you?
    • This question highlights reflection and transparency. This is an opportunity for the candidates to be open and shows how honest they are with the people around them.
  3. Name three things that are most important to you in a job
    • Is there alignment between what is important to the candidate and what the company has to offer?
  4. What the most interesting thing about you?
    • Identify what the candidate can bring to your company culture.
  5. In the last week, tell me about a time that you’ve be energised and productive at work. What were you doing?
    • This question will give an indication that the work environment and day-to day responsibilities are suitable for the candidate.

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